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February 07, 2005


Kafiyah Bello

Is it at all possible to email Ms.Ali because i would like to ask her some questions.

Mohamed AlFalo

I want to ask ms Ayaan Hirsi Ali why she did this film ? in Islam the husband can't harm his wife or even kill her !? things like this in Islam are impermissible but in ms Ali's film she showing that I don't agree with her in that film.

Mus Zibii

The man is the keeper of the woman because God has given to the one more than the other to be used to maintain her. This is why the pious woman is obedient and covers what God wishes them to cover in her husband's absence. For those women who are dosobedient, scold them, put them out of your bed, and beat them. If they obey you then, cease. God is great.

Surah 4:34

Zahra Somali

Hi, I'm a somali woman, a muslim, and I don't approve of this Ayaan Hirsi lady, how dare she insult the prophet of Allah!!! She is just trying to gain fame, and the quickest way she thinks she can gain it is by insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad(may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his campanions). She is a insult to the country of Somalia,and all somalis hate her. She needs to get deported to Somalia, so we can beat the crap out of her!!


Zahra somali: you dont represent all somalis not me.
what ayaan si doing is right it is needed and it is importent:
you and i now that no one would harm here in somali for speaking here mind(ok they would think that she is mad but no one would kill here for that.)
so stop the insult she is fellow somali and for you a fellow woman.you can but winn from here war for womans right.
:ama bar ama baro.

maha hamed

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, I feel sorry for this woman who has lost not only the beat thing that has happened to her to be born a Muslim .what she is rebelling against what her culture and tradition has done to her and not the religion of Islam (honor killings,female circumcision, marriage by force) these activities have nothing to do with the Islamic religion it is man made ALLAH THE GREAT AND MERCIFUL GOD DENOUNCES THINGS LIKE THAT. Islam is a religion of Submission for both men and women .Islam have given the women right that even in the modern world don't exist for women like for example if a women gets married the marriage sheik has to hear from her answer yes or no , when she is married she still keeps her maiden name , she has rights to inherit from her father ,mother,etc there is no will to write her off from. see how great and merciful Islam is our Prophet Muhammad(may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his companions). on his death bed he asked his wives for permission to go to his wife Aysha peace be upon her so he can die on her lap ,what a man a Prophet whose seeks permission from his wives. where do you find this today even in the US or Europe you don't find that or even in our Islamic world. an other example the caliph Omar Bin Alkatab he was a righthes and feared man he ruled with an iron hand ,one day one of his subjects wanted to see him to complain about his wife so as he was getting closer to the caliph's hut he heard shouting from in side the hut , when he went inside he was bewilder and amused to see the caliph's wife shouting at him and the caliph s not uttering a word back to her. his subject looked at him and said I came to seek your guides and I found you in the same boat like me, the caliph answered back saying so what is the harm if she shout's once in a while she takes care of my house ,cooks my food takes care of the children ,also take's care of my need ,its the least I can do for her. so for those who claim that Islam is a religion of submission of woman has not really understood the religion at all it's a religion of love peace .may ALLAHAH have mercy on her soul as she has lost it to please the western world. one note in both religion jewdisem and Christianity the source of evil is the woman, and she had no rights what so ever.

J. de Koning

Ms. Hirsi Ali is merely fighting for liberty, already recognized in pluralist societies and the foundation of earnest democracies, in order to help others, like her, escape the disrespect of certain mortals who attempt to use the cloak of religion to seek individual or political power in order to subjugate those with differing views thereby denying them their legal or innate right to freedom of conscience. She simply exposes intolerance, whether cultural, legal or religious, as an obstacle to liberty-for-all. Those who object to Ms. Hirsi Ali don’t understand the meaning of tolerance as the dynamic value in liberty. She is the personification of that “dynamic” adjective. All those who object to her efforts should really be worshipping her in the name of freedom. The alternative is bondage. Check the meaning of tolerance on www.tolerancepark.org


ok:this is to maha-mah.
when you say that she is protesting against here culture and not the religion you are by that remark acting as a agent for here. you are speaking for here. she dont need you to formulate here words for here and by the way that is what man do to patronize woman
......what she means is....
if you are going to debate here or about here ideas you have to first take here seriusly.

Guleid M. Juif

Hi,maha i think u are little confused about the diffrence between calture and religion,ayaan hirsi ali she is somalian fellow,for as she is hero,what ever you say about her,she don't cares coz your shouts can't reach her,don't you think what she is saying is true?i can proofe for you that,islam is faciest,all the world knows about that,if it is not, why they are bombing women and kids even in their countries,for me i am somali i born in islam,but we can't work for islam any more,it costed my people and my country,we gott the lies...lol


Ms Hirsi-Ali is right to take issue with domestic violence, female circumcision, equal opportunities and so forth. However, there is no need to antagonise whole communities. She should be working closely with her community to resolve such issues through effective means. Alienating people won’t help her cause. She needs to re-evaluate her position. I do of course agree with her, but I don’t agree with her means.

Somali culture like most in Africa is very male dominated and to quite an extent it does rely upon the subordination of the female sex. This can be clearly seen through labour division and wealth distribution. Attitudes need to shift and existing power-complexes need to be up rooted.

Although I am Somali born, I considered my country to be the United Kingdom, where I have lived since I was 8 years old. I have fully engaged myself within British culture and as a result I have done very well. I feel that other young Somalis in Britain and other European countries need to engage themselves fully. Of course their countries of residence need to engage with them as well. It’s so important that this happens.


Hi Ayaan Hirsi Ali

I don't know if Ayan Hirsi would have a time to read my email, but I would like to say to her that you don't need anyone to tell you how did you view the treatment and position of women in Islam. I believed your good reader, writer and extremely intelligent women; I therefore believed that if you deeply and honestly study and research about the position that Islam placed the women, and the rights of women in Islam you would discovered and realized that Muslims wronged, mistreated and misplaced the women in their society, but it is not the Islam. Don’t listen to those narrow minded Muslims who understand nothing about Islam but their names. Please, I want to you fairly and honestly read the history of women in Islam. Thanks


fatima ahmed

I am an African Muslim lady originally from Mali and I find it hard to agree with Ms Hirsi Ali.Most cultures are male-dominated and i believe that her views on Islam are totally wrong.women actually have a better status in Islam than in many other societies.the sort of issues she deals with are cultural and not Islanic.she should actually research the religion properly before talking cus her views just go to show how ignorant she is.it's not alright to call herself an ex-muslim cus she was never one in the first place

A Muslim brother

I live in the US, therefore I have not heard much about this Ayan Hirsi; but I am in disbelif about the things she is saying. How is she going to help Muslim women when she, herself isn't a muslim women. If you look at the muslim divorce statistics you will see compared to western contries that it is much more lower than the non muslims. I am not saying that you do not have the freedom of religon but I am saying that you do not have the right to represent muslim women while you are not one.
I hope Allah guides you back to the rightful religon.


I agree with the fight for womens freedom but to insult Islam is another. People made Islam ugly with tridition and cultural belifs but It has nothing to do with the true pure Islam that the prophet has taught people.

Showing the problems women go through is important to tackle and stop but to insult Islam and cause riots thats another problem.

Its culture that you need to tackle that uses Islam to make it ugly. Freedom is important gift for all - But Ayan Hirsi is the only powerful woman spoke person we know in the goverment, and just as she does right she makes grivious mistakes by insulting Islam just to provoke but at what price?


i dont agree with ms hirsi at all how can she insult the prophet like that she has come from a line of good muslims and this is what she does i'm very shocked and dissapointed you are a disgrace ms. hirsi and i can see why you are not married


I have yet to see the movie; however, I am familiar with Ayann Hirsi Ali and I would like her to keep up the good work. I like the fact that she is talking about things that are usually not talked about and I appreciate her initializing the dialogue.
As Africans, we need to understand how African women are treated, and comprehend that as long as women are oppressed by culture, tradition, and or religion, that Africa will never be able to fully develop. Africa desperately needs women to participate fully in all spheres of society; however, when women are abused and excluded how can they participate? The fact of the matter is that MANY women in Africa, are physically and emotionally abused by their spouses or boyfriends, and we must accept this truth and help find a solution, rather than gang up against one woman trying to shed light onto all of these issues.


Some people here call the film by Ayan Hirsi Ali an "insult". This way of thinking is by all means immature. The film is an expression of opinion. It is information. The language of the film is used as means of communication. Please discuss the contents of the film. I think it represents some obvious facts and a good analysis. Don`t you?


And, may I add: Ayan Hirsi Ali is being threatened in the most serious ways. She is being terrorized and persecuted. Her personal life has become very difficult. A modern muslim should ask: What are we going to do about the persons threatening her? Shall we tolerate those criminals?


who want the follow up Ayaan new life is welcome on her webblog .


I think what Ayaan Hirsi is doing is rude and insulting, she is a disgrace to somalians. How can she direct a film which shows the holy quran written on a female. I am only 15 years old and know that it is wrong. Islam protects women. Allah is watching you, (JUDGEMENT DAY WILL COME)


well,from all that has been posted we are all entitled to our opinion.I agree most with muslim brother,the fight is not against Islam but against opressive cultures.Ayan Hirsi has decided that Islam is to blame.What a pity,because as intelligent as she is, she has not been able to learn more about Islam and be able to make a distiction between culture and religion.I beleive that all that she is doing is for fame and to gain acceptance in the western world,(no wonder they are supportive )or maybe out of anger over her past.All i pray for is that her intelligence leads her back to the right path.There are ways of fighting for women,but u certainly arent standing up for my cause as a woman.

Bashir Mursal ISSA

There are no hard distinctions between what is real and what is unreal, nor between what is true and what is false. Truth in drama is forever elusive. You never quite find it but the search for it is compulsive. The search is clearly what drives the endeavour. The search is your task. More often than not you stumble upon the truth in the dark, colliding with it or just glimpsing an image or a shape which seems to correspond to the truth, often without realising that you have done so. But the real truth is that there never is any such thing as one truth to be found in dramatic art. There are many. These truths challenge each other, recoil from each other, reflect each other, ignore each other, tease each other, are blind to each other. Sometimes you feel you have the truth of a moment in your hand, then it slips through your fingers and is lost. Ayan Hirsi Ali has the right to speak of her mind, write or say what she thinks is right and she is entitled to make mistakes and correction like anyone else in her useful life. I resepct the opion of anyone from anywhere in the world. I think it wrong to aim death threats aginst her, I do not support ayone who taken an offence or threatens of lives of others just because difference of opinion. Mahatma Gahndi said "Eye for an eye and the whole world is blind". I tell you what, let Ayan (Meaning LUCK in Somali) be judged by history; the history of mankind. The world has 778 Noble Prize Winners, fine men and women who did good or ocntributed so much to this this wonderful world that we live in. Noble Prize is an international award given yearly since 1901 for achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace makers and those who fight for human rights. In 1968, the Bank of Sweden instituted the Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, founder of the Nobel Prize. The Prize Winners are announced in October every year. They receive their awards (a prize amount, a gold medal and a diploma) on December 10, the anniversary of Nobel's death. On 10th December 1964, Black activist Dr Martin Luther King said when he was accepting his Noble Prize, "I think Alfred Nobel would know what I mean when I say that I accept this award in the spirit of a curator of some precious heirloom which he holds in trust for its true owners - all those to whom beauty is truth and truth beauty - and in whose eyes the beauty of genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than diamonds or silver or gold". IF AYAN IS DOING ANY GOOD FOR THE WORLD HISTORY WILL TELL, IF SHE IS THE RIGHT PERSON TO FIGHT FOR RIGHTS OF THE MUSLIM WOMEN IN THE WORLD TIME WILL TELL, AND THE WORLD WILL DECIDE IF SHE IS FIT FOR A NOBLE PRIZE. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, at the opening of the defence case in the Rivonia Trial Pretoria Supreme Court, 20 April 1964 in Aparthied South Africa; he said "The struggle I am leading is a truly national one. It is a struggle of the African people, inspired by their own suffering and their own experience. It is a struggle for the right to live.
During my lifetime I have educated myself to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die". Please don't get me wrong, I trying to compare Ms Ayan Hirsi Ali with M Gahndi, M L King or N Mandela; I am simply trying to give you some flavour of great men who prepared themselves to die for a good cause. If Ayan's political spirit is only to speak for the rights of muslim women, if her parliamentary agenda was to speak on behalf of silent victims in Somalia + throughout the muslim world and if Ayan's prime purpose for immigration to the Netherlands was something else I am sure the rime will tell. Who knows if she is the real victim of the whole thing or being used and abused by some kind of powerful machine beyond her control. Whatever it is, she is also another a human who deserves respect whatever she does, writes, says and lieves. Sentencing people to death for their believes, political wing, or their freedom os expression is totally out of order. I strongly suggest everyone "all of us" in all the continents of the world to calm down. Let time decide and do the healing.


Irrationilty seems to be an islamic virtue as well,how can you believe in the Koran it is full of contradictions and even mathmatical errors.Also some of the social guidance is shocking by contemporary standards as it condones slavery and female oppression [or have not you irate fanatics read the book-try sura 4:34 if you are female.]If your Prophet did not follow the Koran why are you? e.g Koran allows polygamy upto 4 wives[how liberating for females] so how come Mohammed had 11?[not counting his concubines.-Get a proper education and read Voltaire and Hegel etc instead of wasting time by prostrating yourselves.
All I can expect form my contribution is insults but what is new about that after all Islam is a religion of the sword


God people keep falling for the lies like this article where it has "fled to the Netherlands to escape an arranged marriage." That lie that she was force to flee a force marriage, she said that to get citizenship to Western countries according the new documentry expose her lies.
Read: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/4985636.stm


This article and many other like this is so inaccuarte and bias in favoring this raciest Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who was never a Muslim. She is not apostate as she claims she was, thats a big lie. Here are the facts. Her father was a atheist who lived in the West for some time. Her parents were divorced. Therefore, from the begining she had a choice to pick a religion. So, her brother picked christianity. She was never a Muslim, she learned about Islam from the school that she went to. Also another lie is that she afraid of her family and her "former" husband. If so, why did, she invite her "former" husband, the guy that she claims was force to marry, and her family to her house in Netherlands? The point is she is a liar.

I am so happy that her anti-Muslim Immigrational backfired. If Hirsi Ali (morgan) policy on immigration was applied, Muslims especially women that Hirsi claim is "abused" would never get the chance like Hirsi to "leave" Islam by living in the West. Why wouldn't Hirsi allow Muslim women to come to the West, so they can learn about modern culture and leave the "evil" religion? Because she doesn't believe in it nor she cares about them. She just want money and power that is all. The fact is no real ex-Muslims would support banning or deporting Muslim immigrants or nuking Islamic countries. Just as no real Palestians ex-muslim would suport Israelis stealing palestian's land. Real ex-muslims want always good for their people.

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