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February 04, 2008


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kathy mctavish

hi paulo,

i found your wandering jew website (which i loved exploring). i tried to email you but the address didn't work. how are
you?? i have had a circuitous path....theoretical ecology grad studies,
self-employed, then started playing the cello again (see
www.cellodreams.com). i haven't interpreted for years. i still live in
northern minnesota outside of duluth in the woods. you come to mind
from time to time. i really enjoyed intersecting with your path back in
those interpreting school days.

what are you up to these days?

very best wishes,

kathy mctavish
[email protected]


these are some of the most beautiful pictures i've ever seen. So saturated with colors and beautiful faces.
I think I'll do all my virtual travel through you.

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